• Rosemary Cook

The Nightingale Shore Murder - did the Russians do it?

Here’s a really interesting development: since I’ve been giving talks about Florence Shore’s murder, I’ve been contacted by someone who suggests that her murder might have been orchestrated by Russia. He says:

‘Its worth noting that at the time of Florence’s death there were significant events taking place in Russia (where her brother had been a fairly controversial military attache). That same month General Kolchak, the White Russian leader we’d been supporting against Lenin’s government, was handed over to the Bolsheviks and brutally murdered. The withdrawal of British and American troops had left Kolkchak and his troops exposed, and he had been forced to surrender. The exit route we’d promised him had been removed too. He was supposed to have escaped to the British Mission.

The man that Makgill and his people had been preparing as the Tsar’s replacement in Russia was Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich (the man who shot Rasputin with a little help from MI6). Pavlovich was in exile in London at this time and its possible that the attack on Florence could have been a revenge attack by Tsarist loyalists (or their supporters) in London. During these same months, Dmitri Pavlovich was just receiving word of the violent death of his stepbrother and other members of the Tsar’s extended family. Like Florence, they had been bludgeoned to death. Possibly by the butts of guns.’

For more on this fascinating idea – and thoughts on Percy Toplis’ possible involvement – visit

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