OUT NOW!  The Crimes of Dr Gramshaw

Published October 2020

Dr Gramshaw was a well-respected Yorkshire doctor for 35 years - until his personal and professional life imploded, and a young governess died, in 1908. This book explores the background of lies, deceit and crimes that led the doctor to his downfall.

This true story has all the elements of a Victorian melodrama - love and lust; success, lies and deceit; adultery, bigamy and insanity; and of course crimes, both petty and deadly ... 

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The Nightingale Shore Murder

First published 2011, 2nd edition September 2015

This is the true story of the unsolved murder of Florence Nightingale's god-daughter. She was a respected Queen's Nurse who worked for five years in France from 1914 and was decorated for her bravery in Work War 1. Tragically, on her return to England, Florence was murdered on a moving train - a classic 'closed room' murder. In spite of the best efforts of the local police, Scotland Yard and famous pathologist Bernard Spilsbury, the crime was never solved. But now a new suspect has been identified and another mystery has been uncovered in the shadowy characters surrounding the crime. 

I was delighted that this book won joint first prize in the historical non-fiction section of the Indie Book Awards 2012.

To order, go to https://www.troubador.co.uk/bookshop/essays-and-literary-criticism/the-nightingale-shore-murder/

Indie Book Award 2012
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"Petticoat Government"

September 2019

This is the first book to tell the fascinating story of the York Home for Nurses. Established in 1870, the Home provided private nursing to paying patients and free district nursing care to the 'sick poor' of York. It was run by the Sisters of the Holy Cross in conjunction with 'a committee of gentlemen' from the City. 

The relationship was not always smooth. Money was always tight, there were tragedies amongst the staff and crises in the local community to deal with, including floods, epidemics, World War 1, and a scandal involving a local doctor that made the national papers.  

150 years on from its foundation, this book celebrates a great Victorian philanthropic enterprise which ended its days as the locally-beloved Purey Cust Nursing Home. 

To order go to https://www.troubador.co.uk/bookshop/history-politics-society/petticoat-government/

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