• Rosemary Cook

The man arrested THREE TIMES for murder

Thanks to my very helpful correspondent from the monocled mutineer website, I now know that Ernest Brown, who was briefly arrested on suspicion of Florence Shore’s murder, then released, was actually accused of three different murders in his lifetime – and not convicted of any of them!

In a newspaper interview he said: “January is a bad month for me. Every time the first of the year comes along I get the shivers, particularly if the date of the year is an even number. For in the Januaries of 1918, 1920 and 1922 I came so near to death that I could almost feel the rope about my neck or the bullets in my heart.”

Brown was Captain Ernest C. Brown, formerly of the RAF and branch division President of the Comrades of the Great War. It was in an interview with an American newspaper in 1926 that he told how he was suspected of Nurse Shore’s murder in January 1920, and his alibi relied on a British Library reading room ticket – you really must ‘read all about it’ here

Accused three times, and released three times – was he the luckiest unconvicted murderer of all time, or the unluckiest innocent man …?

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