• Rosemary Cook

Preparing Dr Gramshaw for the world ...

This is an exciting time as I'm working with Troubador Publishing to get 'The Crimes of Dr Gramshaw' ready to publish later this year. I've sent in the photographs I hope will appear in the book - I do think seeing the houses where people lived brings their story home (literally) to the reader. And the two grave markers, of Dr Gramshaw and Margaret Brown, the young governess whose death he was involved in, are very poignant. The words on Dr G's gravestone - 'In hope of the mercy of God' - say it all.

I'm awaiting sight of the proposed front cover for the book: the designers at Troubador are great at capturing the essence of the book in a cover so I know it will be good. Once I see that, the book will actually feel real! I'm aiming for a launch during The Big City Read in October, though it may be ready for sale ahead of that - watch this space.

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