• Rosemary Cook

Florence Shore murder on TV

At Christmas 2018, Channel 5 showed a drama called ‘Agatha and the Truth of Murder’. This ingeniously mixed fact with fiction by having Agatha Christie using her famous ‘disappearance’ to try to solve Florence Nightingale Shore’s murder, at the behest of Florence’s friend Mabel Rogers!

It was great to see this drama based on the story in my book, though I soon lost track of the ‘real’ story and couldn’t fathom which of the fictional suspects was meant to represent which of the real suspects.

In the end, it was a television programme, so had dramatic licence to do anything necessary to make a good story. I gave a talk at my local library in Dringhouses afterwards, which people seemed to really enjoy as we sorted out fact from fiction and once again pondered who could have committed the crime.

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