• Rosemary Cook

Dr Gramshaw will see you now ...!

My new book, The Crimes of Dr Gramshaw, has now been published! Although I've had to cancel the live local launch event, I was lucky enough to be speaking at the National Women's Register online conference about Dr Gramshaw in September, so I used that as the launch instead. They were a great audience, very interested and on the ball - I do like to have great questions to answer at these talks.

Now the book is available in hard copy and as an ebook from Troubador - Or via the usual online retailers including Amazon and Waterstones. I really hope people enjoy the story - including the relatives of one of the Gramshaws, now living in Canada. Remembering the old Chinese proverb 'May you live in interesting times', I would offer instead 'May you have interesting ancestors'! Let's hope they agree ...

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